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What Are Your Comic Books Worth?

Find Out With Zap-Kapow Comics

Need to know what your old Superman, Iron Man, or Batman comic books are worth? Need a price for your Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, or other Marvel Comics? Trying to buy or sell your comic books? Looking for variant covers to recent Star Wars issues? Zap-Kapow Comics has you covered.

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Comic Book Price Guide And More

Stay Up To Date With Zap-Kapow

You’ll never need a printed price guide magazine or bulky book again. Zap-Kapow Comics puts hundreds of thousands of comic book prices in your pocket with current pricing data. Using your iOS, Android or Windows smart phone you have Zap-Kapow with you at flea markets, garage sales, your local comic book shop, comic cons, to lookup comic book prices and references.

Your Entire Collection Wherever You Are

Catalog and Manage All Your Comics on Mobile or Desktop

Add multiple copies, add notes, or check your collection’s value all in one place. Zap-Kapow Comics makes it easy to catalog, view, and manage your entire comic book collection.

Tired of bar code scanners? Us too. Many older comics don’t even have bar codes, and when you’re at a con or your local comic book shop do you carry a bar code scanner with you? Of course not! That's why we’ve created a faster and easier means of quickly adding entire runs of a comic book title to your collection on Zap-Kapow. Find your title, enter a start and end number and BAM! you’re done.

As comic book price values change, we’ll keep you up-to-date, including a total value for your collection, as well as printing and downloading options.

Welcome to Zap-Kapow Comics.

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Look Around For Free

Sign-Up to See Comic Book Values and Catalog Your Collection

Click around for free, and when you are ready to sign-up and select an account plan, click here. If you have any questions, drop us a note at, and thanks for visiting Zap-Kapow Comics!


We’re adding new features to Zap-Kapow Comics all the time. Here are some of the options Golden Age Plan holders currently enjoy …

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How To Migrate Your iOS App Version*

If you have previously purchased the iOS version of Zap-Kapow don’t worry, we have you covered. You can migrate your account over to the Bronze Age Plan for free using the steps below.

*If you purchased your iOS version of Zap-Kapow after July 1, 2016 please contact us at

The iOS App's Future

The iOS app in the Apple App Store does NOT tie back to this website. For the time being it will continue to work, but anything you add there as a Favorite, or any price guide updates you purchase there DO NOT carry over to this web app. Eventually, the iOS app will be retired in favor of the version of Zap-Kapow you are on now. We recommend you use this version for purchasing price guide updates and creating favorites lists exclusively.